As on Saturday, 30 Sep 2023 21:16 PM, India Time
Last Trade on 29 Sep 23:59 PM, Market Close
19,759.0 +0.0 +0.00%
0.0 0.0 19,759.0

Gift Nifty Intraday Live Chart

Gift Nifty Historical Chart

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Gift Nifty
Signal - Support & Resistance

R1 19,809.5 S1 19,601.0 5 Min Sell
R2 19,919.0 S2 19,502.0 1 Hour Sell
R3 20,018.0 S3 19,392.5 1 Day Buy

Gift Nifty
Moving Averages

Period MA 20 MA 50 MA 100
5 Minutes 19620.07 19642.89 19683.93
1 Hour 6554.83 12709.77 13838.67
1 Day 14177.74 13086.15 14430.88
1 Week 15429.83 16830.09 16895.66

Gift Nifty
Period - High, Low & Average

Period High
Change from Last
Change from Last
Change from Last
5 Days 19,872.5
1 Month 20,280.5
3 Month 20,280.5
6 Month 20,280.5
1 Year 20,280.5

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About Gift Nifty

  • What is Gift Nifty?
    Gift Nifty is a new derivatives index that is launched on July 3, 2023, by the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) in its International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) at GIFT City, Gujarat. Gift Nifty is a dollar-denominated futures contract based on the Nifty 50 index, and is traded on the NSE IFSC exchange. It is the futures / derivative product of underlying NSE Nifty index. It allows FII’s and other individuals to invest in Nifty Futures. All US dollar denominated Nifty derivatives contracts will be exclusively traded on NSE IFSC.
  • How does Gift Nifty work?
    Gift Nifty will be trading from 06:15 in the morning to 02:45 of the next day with 25 minutes break between 16:00 to 16:25 hours. Effectively it would trade approx 16 hours a day so that all effect of all other global markets will be captured in it. This early opening and late closing helps FII & other institutions capture the effect of all global markets in it.
  • Can Gift Nifty help in my trading?
    Since it moves with respect to the Indian Nifty and hence can be used as a tool to predict the Indian market providing initial direction to the Indian market. By tracking Gift Nifty, we can predict the initial direction of Indian Stock market. Very first thing in the morning any Indian trader does is getting news on Gift Nifty Live, which trades before opening of Indian market . At what level Gift Nifty is trading will gives an indication of what will be the probable trend in Indian stock market when they will open for trading. This whole thing sums up how crucial Gift Nifty movement is for Indian markets.
  • What are other names used for Gift Nifty?
    Some of the names / alias used for Gift Nifty are  Gift IFSC Nifty,  Gift Nifty, Gift Nifty Futures, Gift IFSC Nifty, Gift Aftermarket Future, Gift Nifty Live, NSE Nifty Aftermarket