Gift Nifty will be trading from 06:15 in the morning to 02:45 of the next day with 25 minutes break between 16:00 to 16:25 hours. Effectively it would trade approx 16 hours a day so that all effect of all other global markets will be captured in it. Details of Gift Nifty Trading Hours are as below :


Pre-Open Open Time06:15 hrs.
Pre-Open* Close Time06:25 hrs.
Normal Market Open Time06:30 hrs.
Normal Market Close Time15:40 hrs.
Pre-Close Open Time15:45 hrs.
Pre-Close Close Time15:50 hrs.
Pre-Close End Time15:55 hrs.
Position Limit/Collateral value Set up cut off time16:00 hrs.
Trade modification end time16:00hrs.
Pre-Open Open Time16:25 hrs.
Pre-Open* Close Time16:31 hrs.
Normal Market Open Time16:35 hrs.
Normal Market Close Time02:45 hrs. (Next Day)
Position Limit/Collateral value Set up cut off time02:50 hrs. (Next Day)
Trade modification end time02:50 hrs. (Next Day)